Clear Aligners – Burke, VA

Trays You Can’t See, Results You Can

For a long time, straightening your teeth meant bulky, uncomfortable brackets, and while braces have come a long way in recent years, there are still plenty of people who aren’t fans of them. If you’re one of them, you might feel like you’re resigned to living with crooked teeth.

Thankfully, if you live near Burke, VA, that’s no longer the case. With clear aligners from the team here at Alpine Dental, you can use invisible trays to get very visible results. Give us a call today and Dr. Ashraghi will be happy to talk with you about what clear aligners can do for you.

Why Choose Alpine Dental for Clear aligners?

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How Clear Aligners Work

Young woman pointing to a clear aligner

Much like traditional braces, clear aligners work by applying constant pressure to the teeth, gently nudging them into their ideal position. You’ll be given a set of progressively tighter plastic trays, which over time will be able to move your smile into alignment.

Unlike traditional braces, these trays can be taken on and off for cleaning. However, to see results you’ll need to wear them for around 22 hours a day. You’ll wear each set of trays that you’re given for anywhere from 7-14 days, before they’ll be replaced with a tighter tray. After a little over a year of this, you should be able to get the perfectly straight smile you’ve always wanted.

Indications for Clear Aligners

Young woman putting on a clear aligner

While clear aligners are incredible, they aren’t ideal for everything. They’re best suited to dealing with anywhere from mild to moderate malocclusion—in the case of severe misalignment or severe bite problems, regular braces may be better. Of course, that’s a call we’ll be able to make when we meet you in person.

If you have any of the following, clear aligners may be able to help you:

Crowded Teeth

Young woman holding up a finger

Crowded or crooked teeth can negatively impact the appearance of your smile and make your teeth harder to clean, which makes them both an oral health and cosmetic issue. Clear aligners can gently guide the teeth apart, giving you a much straighter smile.

Gaps Between Teeth

Young woman pointing at her crooked teeth

Diastema, or gaps between the teeth, aren’t necessarily a health problem. However, they drastically change the way that you look to others, which makes them something that many patients are eager to fix. Clear aligners are excellent at pushing the teeth together, erasing any gaps that may be impacting your appearance.

Bite Alignment

Closeup of gapped teeth

An overbite or underbite can seriously impact both the look and feel of your teeth, and they’re heavily associated with jaw pain if they’re left untreated. With the help of attachments that draw the upper and lower jaw together, clear aligners can be used to remedy mild bite issues.

The Benefits of Clear Aligners 

Side profile of an underbite

Clear aligners have several major benefits when compared to traditional braces, which has made them incredibly desirable for all kinds of patients. For one, they often take less time to straighten out the smile than braces do—12 to 18 months compared to around two years. They’re also removable, which eliminates the need for dietary restrictions and makes cleaning much easier.

In many cases clear aligners can also be much nicer to wear than traditional braces. Brackets and wires typically take some getting used to before they feel comfortable, while clear aligners are typically low-profile and sleek. This makes the initial stages of wearing them much more pleasant.

How Much Does Clear Aligners Cost?

Young woman holding an Invisalign aligner

When we provide clear aligners to our patients, the treatment is always customized to their specific needs. The number of trays that you’ll receive depends on how well you’re able to stick to the treatment plan, and the severity of your misalignment. As a consequence, it’s hard to say for sure how much your clear aligner treatment will cost before we meet you.

If you want to budget for care, give us a call today! We’ll talk to you about your needs, give you an estimate for the cost of the treatment, and discuss all the financing options that are available to you.