About Our Dental Office – Burke, VA

Always Friendly. Always High-Quality. Always Ready.

When you walk into Alpine Dental, Dr. Maryam Ashraghi, you will find a team of dental professionals whose priority is to deliver high-qualitydental  care while keeping you safe, comfortable, and informed. We take our time with patients, and we strive to ensure exceptional results each time you visit. Dr. Ashraghi knows what it takes to produce quality outcomes, which is why she is the proud owner and operator of our practice. No matter the reason for your visit, she and our team will go to great lengths to create a positive experience – one that will keep you coming back in the future.

We See Dental Emergencies Right Away

Woman with dental emergency holding her cheek in pain in dental chair

Patients should never feel as if their dental injury must wait. When pain strikes, it’s important that the problem be addressed as soon as possible. This is why we make every effort to see patients with dental emergencies right away. When calling our dental office to alert us to the situation, we will quickly survey the seriousness to determine if we should have you come in immediately. If so, you can expect we will work to alleviate the pain and put your smile back on track.

Dentistry You’ll Barely Feel

Smiling man wearing dental bib while sitting in dental chair

Updated dental technology is an important component of our dental practice. While staying ahead of the game when it comes to dentistry is part of the reason we choose innovative solutions, more so, we want you to have a more pleasant patient experience. This is why we not only use a gentle touch but also, use methods that make dental procedures less uncomfortable and instead, something you’ll barely feel.